Fungal Nail Treatments – Types

Fungal nail infection is a very common problem faced by many people around the world. It is an infection that is caused by fungus which damages the outer coating of the nail called keratin and thus, affects the nail. Keratin is a coating which is found on the nail which protects the nail from damages and infections. However, when the nail is prone to fungus for a long time it eats up the layer of this coating further causing infection into the nail. We all know that fungus grows in high moisture conditions. Thus, people constantly working or moving around wet areas are more prone to this infection. Another point is that you should not wear closed shoes or socks all the time as high level of moisture and sweat can also result in growth of fungal problems leading to nail fungus infection.

A recent study revealed that a majority of male population are more prone to this infection. This problem is also observed in old people more than the younger population. The symptoms of this infection can be noticed very easily. The most common symptoms are discoloration, pain and brittleness. The nail changes its color and turns into black, brown, green or yellow which looks ugly and unattractive. People suffering from this infection become self conscious and have to face embarrassing situations at times. You cannot hide your nails under closed shoes because it can increase the chances of infection further spreading to the other nails and you can also experience pain if the shoes are very tight or well fitted. Another symptom which is mentioned above is brittleness. The nails become very hard and can also lift from the ends. Thus, it becomes really difficult to trim them and you can find it really painful. You might also get a foul odor from the nails which can also prove to be embarrassing.

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