Generating Revenue With a Personal Blog

Blogging is something that has generated it’s own revolution. The concept is not new by any means and people with very little web experience will many times recognize the term. Following the initial revolution, though, is the wave of people and small businesses generating side income and even full time income from a blog. This income is semi-passive and very mobile. Let’s step through the process…

The idea is to set up a blog (or web log) and spend time writing about things you love to write about. People with like interests eventually wander onto your blog and even link to it from other blogs or web sites. This causes an increase in traffic from these sources and also causes search engine popularity to grow…giving you incoming search traffic from places like Google, Yahoo! and As you maximize traffic you will be able to monetize it with products, services, ad revenue and affiliate income An active blog is very much in demand.

As an example, picture a blog with 1,000 unique visitors a day. This is not much by any means but by underestimating some numbers we’ll find that it can generate a decent amount of income. We shall use context sensitive advertising as an example. Let’s estimate that 1 in every 100 people click an ad. Low but sufficient for an estimate. 10 clicks at an estimated 25 cents per click. Again low but it will work.