Home Fitness Workout

One of the best fitness workouts you can have is at home. Who said you needed equipment to get a ripped physique? Stop listening to those worthless infomercials on the so-called latest and greatest workout equipment. You don’t need to spend a billion dollars just to get fit. You can achieve high fitness levels by using your own body weight.

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Have you ever heard of body weight training? Or how about body weight calisthenics? Well, read on! As I mentioned in the above paragraph, body weight calisthenics involve using primarily your own body weight. Many people are delusional thinking you can only get fit by using weights, this is not true. More like the complete opposite actually. You don’t need any fancy gym equipment or a two thousand dollar bow-flex, none of that.

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Early in my teen years, weights was somewhat hard to come by. And my schedule didn’t really fit my ability to go to the weight room at school. So what I did was body weight training at home. I would do various exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, body boards, dips, and various other exercises. I kept with it for about four weeks and after a while of being consistent, I began to see great results. And actually, I was getting faster results than my friends who had access to the weight room. They asked me how I got fit in such a short amount of time, and I told them I was doing body weight training at home.

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