How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog

This article will help you with some tips and strategies of getting more targeted visitors to your personal blog, but keep in mind that this won’t work for regular websites All blogs are of course websites, not all websites are blogs. The best way of getting traffic to your blog is most of the time the same as normal websites, in other words, Article Marketing, backlinks, and awesome articles.

But there’s something special about blogs, they are so called ‘breed’ websites. Which means that there are some other additional strategies of getting traffic to your blog. One of these methods are simply linking to the top contributors of your niche in your blog roll. People often used to ask people to link back to their website on their blogroll and they would do the same, this can still work but because of all the spam out there your success rate won’t be that great.

This is of course up to the person to decide if they want to try this tactic, it’s still OK and most people expect you to tell them when you make a new blog that’s related to theirs, this is how you build connections which are really important in the blogging business. Make yourself look like a friendly person that help fellow bloggers with their problems and people will trust you completely, ┬┤take one for the team┬┤ sometimes, and by the team, I mean your niche community.