Start Your Social Life Online – Part 2 (Blogging)

Now that you have started your Social Life Online using social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc; the thought may have crossed your mind to also join the world of Blogging. Maybe you have started your own personal blog to let family and friends know a little more about who you are and what you do because most social networking website don’t really allow. You may have also gone a step further and created a blog for your business that will hopefully attract enough of a following that it will someday create a revenue stream

This article is going to cover the reasons why starting your social life online with a blog is very important. I will also include how using a blog can build your personal brand and bring traffic to a website that is yours, not someone else’s. I will continue to stress through the article that a blog is YOUR HOME. If you have ever thought about starting your social life online, NOW is the time to start blogging!


Let me start off by saying that blogs have GREATLY reduced the technical bar for giving people the ability to create content online. If you can use a word processor, you can create a blog. All it takes is putting in a little effort to learn the buttons associated with the platform you choose to use. I will go over platforms later in the article.