Why Do We Blog?

Why do we blog? This is an interesting question to say the least. In basic terms blogging can be used for two functions; reflecting on personal activities and providing information on a variety of topics Powerline Blog. In both cases it can it can assist the reader to find out something they would not have been aware of before.

Blogs have been in existence for quite a few years in terms of the net and are a well established and useful communication tool. They are a wonderful way for the reader to get a real feel for the person who has written them and a true insight into their life, particularly if it is a personal blog. Living in a virtual world you can start to feel that you already have a relationship with the person before you even make direct contact.

From experience blogs should be around 3-400 words, succinct and accurate. By carrying out these simple steps you will not go far wrong. If you intend to write a personal blog consider the impact on the reader and what they are going to learn from it, particularly if they can draw parallels with their own lives. If, on the other hand you prefer to blog on particular topics then the factual and relevance on content is key. In both cases you need to consider doing some research and your blog would hold even further depth by referring or linking to additional resources.